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Ema Paulo

Industrial Engineering and Management

Belonging to In-Nova was without a doubt, the best decision I made as a university student. In this team, I am surrounded by ambitious people with a great desire to learn more, thanks to this unique environment, I have been developing several skills that will be a great value for my future.

President | Board of Directors

Pedro Mirão

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Highter education is the most creative time of our lives where we can really put our projects into practice. In-Nova exists to motivate this practice. Being in a proactive and innovative environment is a way to incubate good ideas and meet people who share the same values. Being at In-Nova represents for me the best way to improve myself as a professional, experiencing the kind of relationship I would have working in an ordinary company.

Vice President for Internal Affairs | Board of Directors

Mafalda Ribeiro

Industrial Engineering and Management

In-Nova is undoubtedly a very significant milestone in the journey of those who are part of it. It’s dynamic environment driven by young entrepreneurs encourages the development of fundamental skills that allow students to face their professional future with dedication, responsibility and perseverance. Belonging to In-Nova is the ability to think beyond.

Vice President for External Affairs | Board of Directors

Afonso Branco

Industrial Engineering and Management

As Troughout my career at In-Nova, I had the opportunity to interact with the able to learn from more experienced people, interact with work dynamics different from those of other institutions and develop a set of soft and hard skills essential for any professional in the future. Undoubtedly, at In-Nova you learn a sense of commitment and responsibility that is crucial. On the other hand, in an external context, I was able to contact professionals in their daily routine and thus understand their dynamics, which are different from the one we are used to. In fact, these interactions allowed me to develop my communication skills, which should be succinct and objective. For sure, belonging to this initiative was the right decision!

Financial Manager | Board of Directors

Catarina Ribeiro

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Being part of the first junior enterprise associated to Nova School of Science and Technology is ideal for the students with an entrepeneur mindset. It is not an easy path but seeing your personal and team accomplishments make it totally worth it.

Human Resources Director | Board of Directors

Carolina Maurício

Industrial Engineering and Management

Belonging I have no doubt that the day I joined In-Nova was the day my professional life began to be more concretely outlined. With In-Nova I have the opportunity to learn a lot about the career path I want to pursue. In addition, In-Nova allows interaction with people from different areas working towards a common goal, which is an opportunity for constant learning and growth.

Marketing Director | Board of Directors

Inês Costa

Computer Science and Engineering

My journey at In-Nova has been marked by challenges, resilience and a lot of growth. Belonging to In-Nova means having the opportunity to think louder and be heard, to be recognised for my work, to develop the soft skills that will allow me to differentiate, learn to reconcile, be useful and create impact. Furthermore, it allows me to work and be surrounded by young people from the most diverse areas with brilliant and entrepreneurial ideas with whom I create memorable experiences. I am sure of one thing: the more I give to In-Nova, the more it gives back.

Projects Director | Board of Directors

Nuno Alves

Industrial Engineering and Management

We Starting my journey at In-Nova I had the ambition to envolve myself in the business world. I had no ideia I would had a lot more than that, I got to learn a lot about working in a team and working with kind people that worry about you first and your experience than the work you have to do. In-Nova is just the right place for everyone who has de mindset to involve in the business world but in a familiar environment

Quality Director | Board of Directors

Tiago Neves

Industrial Engineering and Management

I Belonging to In-Nova is the right experience for all those who want to develop as professionals and enter the working world with unique capabilities. By joining In-Nova’s team, I felt an extra motivation offered by those who surround me on a daily basis, which helped me grow as a professional, but mainly as a person. Surely In-Nova was the right choice!

Sales Director | Board of Directors

Filipa Santos

Industrial Engineering and Management

Being a member of In-Nova is a synonym of ambition and evolution. Due to the various projects that influence our formation and the constant colaboration inside and out the departments we can guarantee not only the growth and improvement of the company but also of our professional and personal skills.

President | Board of Auditors

Leonor Almeida

Industrial Engineering and Management

I would say that the most more valuable thing that In-Nova has taught me is the importance of being surrounded by like-minded people, it’s amazing how one can grow if their environment allows it. This experience is helping to make me a better professional, and I know that every second of our work is contributing to a brighter future for each member.

Assistant Auditor | Board of Auditors

Samuel Barroso

Industrial Engineering and Management

In-Nova’s At In-Nova I found a diverse team that encourages collaboration, creativity, and trust. Here we can rely on an environment of constant innovation and surrounded by colleagues with an entrepreneurial spirit. Belonging to this Junior Enterprise offers me the opportunity to develop various skills and to experience indescribable moments. Above all, I believe that belonging to In-Nova has been a journey, very eventful, but at the end of it I will be a more complete person, both personally and professionally

Assistant Auditor | Board of Auditors

Diogo Gomes

Industrial Engineering and Management

To belon  Being part of In-nova it is a great opportunity to grow, learn from more experienced colleagues and above all, be in contact with the real business world. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet new companies and new colleagues from pother courses in our University

President | Board of General Meetings

Carolina Fernandes

Computer Science and Engineering

When I think about In-Nova, the first thing on my mind are the amazing people that I’m surrounded by who motivate me to continue to develop both personally and professionally. Humble and understanding people who make us feel useful and heard and at the same time people full of ambition, determination and innovative ideas that inspire.

In-Nova has been an enriching adventure with its ups and downs, but I can say with certainty that it is an adventure I will cherish forever.

Secretary | Board of General Meetings

Mafalda Laranjeira

Industrial Engineering and Management

Since I joined In-Nova, I feel I have grown a lot, not only personally but also professionally. I have also had the opportunity to meet and learn from fantastic people full of ambition. I recognise that this is a completely enriching experience and that it will undoubtedly mark my academic career.

Secretary | Board of General Meetings